Adult Dance

9:30-10:30 Move Mum Move - bring along your little ones while you train. Play-mats in the center for them to play and roll about on, while you get your workout in around the outside in a Circuit format. From 12 weeks postnatal up to 3 years old, move safely and effectively without any childcare worries.


10:30-11:15 DanceFit - learn basic routines to some of your favourite tracks. Motown, Musicals, Pop and more, a fun fitness based dance class to get those bodies moving.


11:15-12:00 Core&More - there is so much more to your Core than your abdominal's. A class that focus's on strength, posture, stabilisation and flexibility, enabling you to feel stronger, fitter and healthier from the inside out.


12:00-12:45 & 20:45-21:20 Adult Tap - taking it back to basics, this class is for everybody. From complete beginners to experienced tappers that just want to pick up their shoes again, learn exercises that will give you technique and routines that make you dance.

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